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 The Blue Doves

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PostSubject: The Blue Doves   The Blue Doves Icon_minitimeSun Jun 30, 2013 7:16 am


Captain: Tavin Saint (4Nakama)

Flag: A blue skull with the letters "B D" on it's forehead, it has a yellow band on one of it's bones and has two white wings behind it.


The Blue Doves 8ap

- Jolly Sea Dweller (Jorī umi no jūnin)

Info- A small slave ship, Tavin named this ship "The Jolly Sea Dweller". This ship has 4 rooms:

Captain's Quarters: A room with 5 windows, two on each side and a bed in the middle, this bed is a single one. The 5th window can be found above the bed, this window is a circle shaped one and is slightly larger then the rest, the room is painted a light blue color and there is a wooden flooring.

Boy's room: This room has four windows,  two windows on each side and 3 hammocks in the middle.The room has a wooden flooring and has a red wallpaper.

Girl's room: A room painted pink with four windows, two on each side, there are three beds in the middle and a wooden flooring.

Side: Pirates

Crurent Members:
None yet

Crew Goals:
- Stop slavery

Crew History:

Being born into a family of slaves, his family was forced to work. However soon later there was an accident, while the slave owner was examining the workers in the mine, Tavin was in his lunch break, eating bread and drinking milk like usual. But the cave had suddenly collapsed, with his parents and the slave owner. Tavin was surprised for nothing like this had really happened, bursting into tears he swore he would rid the world of slavery so people wouldn't meet the same fate his parent's did.

Setting sail as a free person, Tavin began his adventure, he vowed to stop all slavery.

Expeting new members?: Yep.

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PostSubject: Re: The Blue Doves   The Blue Doves Icon_minitimeSun Jun 30, 2013 8:21 pm


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The Blue Doves
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