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 Ada Butterfly

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PostSubject: Ada Butterfly   Ada Butterfly Icon_minitimeThu Dec 26, 2013 4:49 pm

-Simple Information-
Name: Ada Butterfly
Also known as: -no nickname yet- 
Age: Actual age 19, appearance wise: 15
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Loyalty: Nothing yet
Affiliation: None yet.. but herself I guess?
Occupation: Cook (pâtissière)
Bounty: N/A
Specialty: Desserts.
Goals: Making her loved ones happy with her cooking. Meeting a lot of people. Falling in love.
Funds: 30,000,000 beli - 200 (kitchen knife) = 29,999,800
Level: 0
Posts till next level: 0/15
-Appearance information-
Physical appearance: :

  • Body: Ada has thin bone structure, she weights 99 pounds and is 5'2 (45kg and 158cm), so she has a small, thin body that looks fragile and makes her look younger than she is. She is fair skinned, an almost sickly-white tone to her skin that makes her look even more fragile than before. She has normal sized legs and arms, but due to her weight and height (and overall body type) she has little to no bust and is rather flat behind as well. She remains fit but has no toned muscles.
  • Face: Ada has a child-like face, with relatively chubby cheeks, which usually stay a rosy color, her cheeks are adorned with freckles that add to the adorable-factor. However she has high cheek bones, which define her face at the same time. She has small lips that have a cupid's bow shape and are of a pale pink color. Her eyes are light blue almond shaped eyes, with long eyelashes and thin eyebrows. Her nose is small and slightly pointy. Her ears are of a normal size and are slightly pointed (kind of like an Elf's but not as exaggerated) (like this).
  • Hair: Ada's hair is short, not even reaching her shoulders. It is, halfway down her neck, mainly because the tips tend to curl inside and make it appear shorter. Her hair is slightly curly, like stated just now, and of a light-blonde color, which turns even lighter when there's a lot of sun. She has fringe that hides most of her forehead, and is longer in the middle. The sides of her hair curl to the inside, even hiding part of her cheeks. She also has slightly shorter hairs that curl outwards and tend to give her a slightly messy look. (Kinda like this). Her eyebrows are of a darker blonde, almost brown, color. Her eyelashes are almost black.
  • Non visual information: Ada's voice is really feminine, like herself, and rather adorable. She has a slightly high-pitched voice, but not to the point of becoming an annoyingly high pitch. She has a rather wide vocal range, which is why she usually tries to sound like a man (or "monster" as she calls it) when joking around with her family. She smells fruity, and like sweets, due to being baking them for most of her time. She is usually happy, which is visible because of the wide grin that she usually sports on her lips. Her skin has a subtle sweet taste to it, due to the baking stuff and the powdered sugar and all of that.
  • Extra features: Ada has a small scar on her left side (waist), which was from falling when she was a little child. Besides that she has no scars whatsoever and even less tattoos. She also has freckles (like already stated before) on her cheeks. She has a mole in the middle of her back, as well.
  • Clothing: Ada's clothing differs on the activity she will do during the day. If she spends a day at the bakery working, she will usually wear thin cotton t-shirts with no design, they usually are of soft pastel colors (pink, light blue, etc), along with white skinny jeans that have gold studs in the pocket area, and white gladiator sandals with gold studs. She also wears her favorite apron which is a white plastic-fabric apron with a black kitty in the lower left side of the apron. However when she is chilling with her family she wears cute dresses that finish 2cm before her knees, so relatively short, but really cute. (Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). The fabric and thickness change with the dress, but they are usually relatively thin and soft. She likes when they're oversized and not form-fitting, but sometimes wears them because her mother thinks it "fits her" more than the other ones. And she wears the same white gladiator sandals.

-Personality information-

  • Personality Overview: Ada is an extremely optimistic hyperactive kind of person. She always thinks the best of people, and never judges anyone because of their appearance or past actions. She thinks that they can always start over, gaining more chances in life. She loves learning new things, however she often is afraid of failure, so she gives up quickly as well. The only thing she has never given up on is cooking, mostly baking desserts. She hates when people pinch her cheeks or even mention her being adorable, which is hard because it happens a lot. She is extremely ticklish and so she usually screams in a high pitched voice that hurts other people's ears. Ada is extremely forgetful and it takes her ages to be able to learn someone's name, which means that usually she calls them something else. She doesn't know how she still remembers her own name. She is silly and usually tries to make jokes that are bad, but come out as cute because she is saying them.

    She gets hurt easily, so people usually have to talk cautiously around her, just in case they might randomly hurt her feelings. If someone is talking bad about themselves, or seems down, she will try her best to cheer them up, doing anything silly that might cross her mind. She is extremely loyal to her loved ones and would do anything for them. If someone is nice to her, she easily begins to like them and they become extremely important for her. She never stops caring for someone, so if someone started hating her, or did something terrible to her and disappeared, she would still technically care for them and never forget them (as in, in a good way). Just like it had been explained earlier, she always thinks the best of people, which means that if someone does something bad to her, and continues doing it, she will give that person infinite chances of redeeming themselves, and never have a grudge against them.

    She doesn't have any particular thought on marines, pirates, bounty hunters and the others, because she always thinks that they do the best they can and always have good intentions behind them. She doesn't think someone can be "truly" evil. She dreams about meeting someone that will make her feel butterflies in her stomach, that will be able to make her smile like never before, she is a rather hopeless romantic and she always wishes to meet someone like that. She doesn't think about specific traits that he would need to have, because she is sure that once she sees him, she will just know, somehow. Ada just wants someone that would take care of her, love her, and just enjoy her company for the rest of her life, she doesn't think that someone can fall in love twice, so if she does, she will probably never love anyone else.
  • Likes, Dislikes, Hopes and Fears: Ada loves cooking, ever since she was little she cooked, hoping that anyone who would taste her cooking would smile. She thinks sweets are the best way to achieve this, because everyone likes sweet. If she meets someone that doesn't, she would stare at the wide eyed and say that she doesn't think they're human (and if they're fishmen or other things, she would just say that she doesn't think they're from this planet). She loves smiling and laughing, so usually her favorite people are the ones that make her laugh and feel good most of the time. She loves all the colors and shades of anything, even ones that are conventionally thought of as "ugly", but her favorite color is baby-pink, because she thinks it's really cute. She loves singing while cooking, because singing is a fun activity and she finds it relaxing to be able to do something /while/ she also cooks. She loves multitasking although she's not exactly good at it. She likes almost everything in the world, and tries to look for the bright side of things.

    One of the things that Ada actually hates is cleaning her room, being a klutz has made her become a really messy person as far as her personal space is concerned, although she is really clean and OCD-y in the kitchen and most places, it just doesn't happen in her room. Her room is a disaster and she usually doesn't bother to even tidy it up, but she absolutely abhors when her mother forces her to. She also hates, like mentioned before, when people scream at her, because it makes her feel that she has done something really wrong and can't help but start crying. Once she starts crying she can't stop. She hates bugs with her life, things like centipedes and spiders are the bane of her existence. She can see them in pictures and everything but if they're near her she will either try to kill them or squeak and ask someone to kill them, fast. She also doesn't like seeing someone crying or upset.

    Her biggest dream is to make food that her loved ones would enjoy and so that she can see them smile when eating them. She also wants to fall in love, so meeting her other half, her soul mate, would be one of her hopes as well. Apart from that she doesn't really have any specific dreams, besides perfecting her cooking skills and becoming a known chef. Ada is scared of failure, of never amounting to anything. She wants to learn many things, and she is scared that she will never have the time or strength to accomplish it. She's also terrified of creepy sounds at night, and so she is also scared of horror stories that would creep her out and make her paranoid during the night.

-History information-**

  • Baby Life (0-2): Ada was born in a small family, only her parents and herself. She was planned and welcomed with great joy, receiving the name of Ada, because her mother's name was Adelaide, and Ada is the shorter form. Her name means "noble" and also "kind". She was really smart when she was a baby, learning basic things like crawling and talking faster than most. Her first word was "cookie", even back then she loved sweets and showed some sort of amazement, interest, towards watching someone cook (because she couldn't). Her mother would sit her in the baby chair while she cooked, and Ada would sit there and watch silently, with wide eyes full of interest, as her mom continued to cook. She could be considered a calm baby, didn't really do much besides the usual (cry for food and her mom). She did have, though, a stronger bond with her mom than with her dad, mostly because her mother stayed and spent time with her while her father went to work and get money to survive.
  • Early Years (3-5): Ada's early years, from 3-5 consisted of her learning what she liked and didn't like doing. She disliked eating, however she found a great passion in cooking for other people, which would usually make her lose her appetite. Which caused then, for her to become incredibly skinny. Her parents thought that this was not healthy for her and started forcing her to eat food, making her hate eating even more. There's nothing worse than eating when you're not actually hungry. But after that, she grew healthily. Ada loved drawing and reading, showed great interest and curiosity in learning new things, which made her smarter than the usual average child. She was, like any other child, terrified of the dark, would force her mother to stay with her until she'd fall asleep.
  • Childhood (6-12]: She continued to cook, getting better at it and perfecting her skills. She was an extremely good cook, specially when it came to making desserts. She loved how she had to use specific recipes, how the measuring came, the different styles, the precision you had to have, all the little details mattered. In her late childhood (10 years old) she found out that she liked going out running in the mornings, and eating healthy things only. Which explains why she's so thin (although she does have a thin bone structure as well).
  • Early Adolescence (13-15): When Ada turned 13 she started working at the Café her father ran. It was a local, small, family café. It was small, comfy, and welcoming. She worked there for those first two years being a waitress and serving people, cleaning the tables, and things like that. She was quite popular and got a lot of tips due to being adorable. Of course Ada ignored the attention she had and thought of the tips as people being nice to her, only that, not because they thought she was attractive or anything like that. She loved working on the café, even if she didn't get to cook anything for it yet, her age being mostly the problem, at least that way she was able to spend time with her dad and watch him make delicious desserts that were loved by the whole town.
  • Late Adolescence (16-19): Once Ada turned 16, she was allowed to make the desserts, her father taught her everything she needed to know (although she already knew most of it), and then she started working. The popularity of the café grew, but it stayed the same size, wanting it to be a small family café. People came in and out trying out the sweet goods Ada made, and to check the adorable pâtissière. She became more and more popular with guys, as she grew up into a fine, beautiful, young woman, but she still remained indifferent towards their efforts of grabbing her attention. She just never really thought of being with someone, she knew that she would fall in love, but no one had caught her attention so far. Now Ada is still working on that same Café and she wants to discover the world, learn new desserts and recipes, fall in love.

Relationships with other characters:

  • Strength: 10%
  • Endurance: 10%
  • Speed: 10%
  • Agility:  15%
  • Skill: 15%
  • Tactical intelligence: 15%
  • Practical intelligence: 30%
  • Perception: 20%
  • Charisma and leadership: 05%
  • Devil fruit control: 0%

-Equipment List-
-Kitchen Knife

Ability Points: 20
Passive traits:
Make people want to pinch her cheeks
Devil Fruit: N/A
Talents: Cooking
Learned skills:
Techniques lists:
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Ada Butterfly
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