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 Rosa A, Red "The Airhead"

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PostSubject: Rosa A, Red "The Airhead"   Rosa A, Red "The Airhead" Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 5:48 am

Name: Rosa A. Red "The Airhead"

Age: 32

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain

Allegiance: Navy/Marine

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Short haired and Blonde with a navy cap on her head, she has a mature and heart warming face on her decorated by luscious lips and dazzling green eyes with a beauty mark on her right cheek. Her body is pale white and stands at 6'3", her body features her having a decently sized chest and a large toned rear end and strong looking legs she gained from her years of training in the woods; Which causes her to sway with her normal walking and causes her to bump into things a lot. Her outfit consists of a white Tank top that reveals her stomach, a pair of black cut-off shorts, knee length black sock and marine standard combat boots. She keeps her marine captains coat over her shoulder which she uses with her gas powers, along with her spear in hand. She has tattoo across her stomach with the Marines Logo.

History: Rosa's early life was one of wayward thinking and more exploring the nearby forests of the autumn island and training herself to fight off the various creatures that came after her, returning once school started again covered in scratches and bites and continuing on with her work and failing as normal. After getting kicked out and explained that her current thoughts would get her nowhere, she walked into the marine base at the age of 16 and asked to join. The marines poked and laughed at her appeal to become a full fledged fighting marine and told her that they 'could use a maid.'

Two days later, The marines stopped searching for her in the forests after she beat all of them at the base to a state of unconsciousness 'with a broom' (Her thought thinking that she would be asked to join after showing her strength). After that incident, she lived most of her days in the woods. Fashioning herself spears, she learned to lunge and twist her body into the sky with the spear and create a style of rotational attacks. Since then, Every first day of the month, she would come into town to buy new clothes and treat herself before challenging every single marine in the base to a fight. Her reputation grew with each fight and soon higher up came to watch or participate. This continued on for 5 years unbroken until a Vice Admiral came to stop her nonsense, wiping her clean off her feet before extending an arm and asking her to use her powers for Justice.

On her way to train at the Marine HQ, She went to wander around the town they stopped at for supplies. Unknowingly stepping into a bar full of pirates, she noticed a tasty looking odd peach at the middle which she waltzed over to and began eating without a second thought. As she finished the fruit, commenting that she had better, she was surrounded by enraged pirates who attempted to attack her. She returned with a whole crew knocked out, much to the surprise of her superiors as she floated before them without even noticing her new powers.

Her abilities slowly honed as the simple minded girl followed the simple goal of Justice as she trained to use her spear in a more creative fashion and learn how to use her new powers to take down criminals. She obtained her rank of Captain, but has troubles as she doesn't lead as much as she tries to do things herself. However, She has become a prideful morale boost when she floats onto the field of battle, giving those that have fallen a sudden second wind with either her spirit or body. She is currently close to her next promotion which she really doesn't care much about.

Personality: Light and bubbly, She floats around carefree with not much worry or thought for others and just follows her simplistic goals she sets at times but is always set on justice. She shares a somewhat motherly love for marines under her, getting somewhat quiet if she sees too many of them getting beaten up or slaughtered; Her attacks getting somewhat more dangerous with the less she smiles. She is never really angry as she never reached a snapping point or breaking point. Her Justice is handed in a usually calm and reserved manner.


Ship Flag: Marine Flag

Devil Fruit: Gasu Gasu no Mi
type: Logia
effect: Allows the user to create, manipulate, and gas at will (Transformations blocked by site for obvious reasons)

Special Abilities:
Spear Mastery: Is well trained with using a spear before gaining her devil fruit abilities
Radiating Presence Her motherly charm and presence can cause those that are disheartened, moral deprived or drained of energy the spirit to fight on.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Choke Cloak: Her Marine Jacket slowly transforms and envelops her in a poisonous gas which causes those near her to start choking and struggling when breathing in the noxious fumes.
Breeze: Fills the air with fresh pure air, untainted and able to ease both friend and foe near her.
Stale State: Removes any amount of Oxygen near her for 2 posts, causing anyone to have to retreat or face asphyxiation.
Gale: A spear swing that she concentrates invisibles gasses into to create a blast of hot air that cuts like a sword from those upto 10 feet from her (6 feet of Spear + 4 of empty air)
Gust: Jabs her spear in any direction, focusing a concentration of invisibles gasses to create a blunt blast of cold air from the tip where she points able to send people flying about 50 feet. Contact range upto 15 feet (6 feet of Spear + 9 feet of empty air.)
Twister Spins around with her spear and focuses hot and cold gasses around her to create a tornado that will suck anyone close to her in, sending them towards her spear or flying into the air. Can be combined with Choke Cloak to create a Funnel of poisonous clouds, Does not work with Stale State. Causes Dizziness towards user afterwards.
Float: Her body is able to become lighter then air and allow her to maintain flight to most of her destinations, causes same strain as running for her

Weapons/Items: Pure Metal Spear, Marine Coat

Goals: Justice (She doesn't think Much)

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Rosa A, Red "The Airhead" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rosa A, Red "The Airhead"   Rosa A, Red "The Airhead" Icon_minitimeWed Dec 11, 2013 6:17 am

APPROVED, looks good
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Rosa A, Red "The Airhead"
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