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 Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED)

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PostSubject: Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED)   Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 3:26 pm

Name: Mojo Uka Uka

Age: 5

Bounty: 0B

Species: IQ-Enhanced Monkey

Occupation: Doctor, Animal Trainer

Allegiance: Revolutionary

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: Mojo weights about 15 kilograms and is roughly 1.2 meters tall, although the fact that he isn't standing straight most of the time makes it difficult to measure. Mojo's body is covered in brown fur, that is thicker in his cheeks and shoulders, and leaves his palms and bottom of his feet exposed, revealing his yellowish skin. His face is also relatively hair free, with the fur on his cheeks acting as bushy sideburns. The bottom part of his jaw is larger than the upper one, giving him an over bite, and the fur on his chip is shaped like a short beard. His nose is small and flat and his eyes are brown and almost always squinted. Like most monkey's, Mojo's limbs are quite long when compared to his body, and his prehensile tail is even longer than him, reaching 1.3 meters. Mojo only wears a pair of short yellow Bermuda shorts with pictures of bananas on them, and carries a blue pouch on his back in which he stores some medical supplies.

History: Mojo started his life as a simple monkey in the jungles of a small uninhabited island in the West Blue. As a monkey, Mojo had no cares in the world. He lived his life without a purpose other than eating and sleeping, with the occasional back scratching and bug hunting. Mojo's life only took an interesting twist when he turned 3. At that time, a crew of pirates arrived at the island by mistake. They had no navigator, and ended up stopping at the island. After realizing that the island had nothing to offer, the crew decided to leave, but not before they hunted down and took a local monkey to be their amusing pet: Mojo.

Mojo got his name from the pirates, and the next year of his life consisted of humiliation and pain. The pirates did with him as they pleased, whether it'd be throwing him to the water to see if he could swim or tossing cigarettes at him to see if he catches fire. As a result, Mojo developed a fear of drowning, and a slight fear of fire. He grew to hate humans and became violent towards them. the pirate crew carried Mojo around for half a year, during which they crossed over to the Grand Line, but the crew lost Mojo when they reached an island known as Katalna. On Katalna island, the crew got infected with a violent stomach virus, and needed medical treatment. The crew turned to a local doctor for help. The doctor saw how badly Mojo was treated, and asked the crew to pay him by handing Mojo over to him. The crew agreed, cause switching a useless monkey instead of money is always good, and left the island right after healing, leaving Mojo with the doctor.

While staying with the doctor, Mojo slowly got over his hatred towards humans after seeing how different the doctor was from the pirates. The doctor nursed Mojo back to health after the poor conditions in which he lived. As the years passed, and Mojo turned 5, the doctor received an illegal shipment of a mysterious plant, known only as the IQ plant. He received the plant from a pirate to which he owed money. In order to cover his debt, the doctor had to test the effects of the plant on humans for the pirate. Due to ethics, the doctor decided to try the plant on an animal first, and the closest to a human as possible, a monkey. The doctor fed Mojo small bits of the plant at a time, studying it's effect on the monkey. Thanks to the plant, Mojo started developing human-like intelligence in small steps. After a month of treatment, Mojo was smart enough to cook meals and grow plants. After an additional month, Mojo learned how to make medicine out of herbs, and after two more months, Mojo managed to learn basic surgery just by watching the doctor operate. The plant's effect was astronomical, the doctor couldn't believe how powerful it was.

Unfortunately, rumors of the smart monkey who worked at the local pharmacy spread and reached the ears of marines, who immediately realized that the doctor was illegally using IQ plants. The confronted the doctor and imprisoned him. But, the marines couldn't' find the remaining IQ plants. When he realized he was about to get arrested, the doctor gave the IQ plant to Mojo, hoping to continue the amazing experiment. Mojo, who liked the taste of the plants, ate it all, boosting his intelligence even further. Frustrated, the marines decided to burn the doctor's clinic down to make sure no plants survived, making Mojo lose his home.

After the incident, Mojo was way smarter than he was before. He was in fact brilliant. The medical knowledge he gathered while watching the doctor suddenly became organized and accessible. The language suddenly made sense, and so did a thousand more new things that Mojo managed to learn and realize at that very moment. Finally, Mojo found himself deserted. He had no home thanks to the cruelty of marines and pirates alike, and an overflowing mind that craved action. That mix created a new vigilante, a revolutionary.

Personality: Mojo's personality is a weird mix between supreme intelligence and primal idiocy. He enjoys solving puzzles and riddles that challenge his intelligence, but any random banana or joke will immediately destroy his focus. As a monkey, Mojo is obsessed with fruit, especially bananas. He will gladly drop anything he is doing for a juicy slice of fruit at any given moment. He also enjoys medicine, seeing it as the legacy of the kind doctor who saved him from the pirates and made him who he is today. This once again shows the clash between Mojo's wilderness and intelligence. Mojo is very sensitive about his height, and will jump on his long tail to gain more height whenever someone claims that he is short. Even though he is smarter than most humans, he enjoys the company of monkeys just as much. Even though most of his journey is made by ship, Mojo has a fear of drowning and can't swim as a result of it. He also has a fear of wild fire and hatred towards all smokes.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Prime Ape: Unlike humans, Mojo has monkey agility and balance on his side, along with a formidable amount of strength and a fully prehensile tail. His physiology allows him to pull acrobatic stunts that can only be outmatched by monkeys, outclassing the best of parkour artists. He is weaker than the average human, but he makes up for that with extreme agility and a powerful bite that can break down coconuts with a single bite. He is extremely nimble and quick, enough to dodge gunfire and live to tell the tale. While running on four, Mojo is quite fast, managing to run with three times the speed of an average human.

Enhanced IQ: Due to consumption of IQ plants, Mojo gained human-like intelligence. He is capable of fully understanding and communicating in human language and monkey language at the same time, and is smart enough to put many human masterminds to shame. His intelligence allowed him to study medicine, making him a proficient doctor. He can identify and treat most illnesses effectively and is an excellent surgeon.

Wukong-Fu: Ever saw a man using Monkey Kung-Fu? Well a monkey using it is just twice the trouble. With Mojo's amazing dexterity and agility, along with his acrobatic skills and fully prehensile tail, he becomes a formidable fighter. Flipping around, making handsprings, walking on hands, lunging, diving, spinning and running around on all fours, these are all mere child's play for Mojo. He uses a multitude of kicks and strikes aimed at knees, groin, throat, and eyes to make up for his lack of pure strength. Unlike humans, Mojo also has his long tail to be used in battle. In addition, Mojo has anatomical knowledge, allowing him to strike more effectively. All of these aspects of Mojo's fighting create what he likes to call "Wukong-Fu", after the infamous mythical monkey king.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Wukong Cloud: By rapidly spinning while in midair, Mojo can suspend himself, allowing him to elongate his jumps to ridiculous lengths. He can cover 15 meters in a single jump with this technique.

Wukong Copter: By rapidly spinning his long tail, Mojo can use it like a helicopter's propeller and achieve partial flight. This flight is very slow and tiring, and is usually meant for scouting rather than transportation.

Wukong Launch: By coiling his long tail like a spring under him, Mojo can launch himself with immense force, making him travel in great speed and to great lengths. He travels almost as fast as a cannonball for several meters, and can break through wooden boards with the force of his jump.

Wukong Rocket: After using the Wukong Launch technique to propel himself with great speed and power, Mojo will deliver a powerful punch or a kick to his opponent using his momentum, resulting in a strike that can easily knock a full-grown human several meters way. This however hurts Mojo's limb as he is not used to delivering such strikes. This is by far Mojo's strongest attack.

Wukong Piston: Mojo will coil his strong tail around either his arm or leg, giving his punches or kicks a power boost. This effectively double the power of Mojo's strikes, allowing him to easily break through bone and wood with his attacks, although damaging himself as well, for aforementioned reasons.

Wukong Catapult: Mojo will rush at his opponent and leap over him with his amazing jump. While above him, Mojo will coil his long tail around the opponent's neck. Then, when he reaches behind them, Mojo will perform a midair roll, tossing the opponent away with his tail's strength and the force of his momentum.

Wukong Clamp: Mojo will fake an attack to a random body part of his opponent, only to proceed and swiftly bite a different part. Mojo's powerful jaw is fully capable of breaking bones and grinding joints.

Wukong Siren: Swiftly passing by his opponent, Mojo will unleash a mighty monkey scream into his opponent's ears, disorienting them and potentially damaging their hearing for a while.

Weapons/Items: Basic Medical Supplies: Scalpels, Needles, Pills, Bandages, Stitching Wire, Painkillers Etc.

Character Flaws: Mojo has a horrible fear of drowning and a fear of wild fire, making him unable to operate in certain situations as he gets paralyzed with fear.

  • Avenge both pirates and marines for ruining both of his homes.
  • Make good sue of his intelligence
  • Form a family

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PostSubject: Re: Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED)   Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 1:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED)   Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 8:13 am

DELETED for lack of revolutionary crews
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PostSubject: Re: Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED)   Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED) Icon_minitime

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Mojo Uka Uka (DELETED)
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