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 Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit))

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Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit)) Empty
PostSubject: Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit))   Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit)) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 26, 2012 8:27 pm

Name in Japanese (translation):Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber cyber fruit))
Capabilities: There are 3 capabilities to this df.
1. To gain information about a person. This can only be done when the said person has been touched by the user. People will not be able to read minds or control them but will be able to get information about them such as Name, age, Date of Birth, allegiance, abilities, and achievements. This person will also be in the network now.
2. The user is able to send emails to people which will just be pop up messages which will enter peoples mind. The user can use attachments on these emails. these attachments can be downloaded by the recipient and contain techniques, a skill or a martial art ability.
3.The user would be able to communicate with electronics and even download a virus into electronics which could make them corrupt or deemed useless to be used. electronics here also include communication air wave frequencies between den den mushis
4.The user of this df is able to track people on his network on a cyber board which appears for the user, however this is only limited to people user has had contact with .
Type: Paramecia
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Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit))   Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit)) Icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 2:40 pm

Is this intended to be an internet DF? I'm not sure how suitable that theme is for a DF, but I do know one thing. Ability 2 is made of hax. You can email techniques and stuff to everyone you've ever touched? I mean... wow. Mook army of destruction much?
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Saiba Saiba no mi ((Cyber Cyber fruit))
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