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Name: Bumba-Jack

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Bounty: 25,000 (For serving alcohol to a royal member that was beyond his range of consumption when visiting Aruko island. Being a monk though Bumba-Jack was previously considered untouchable.)

Species: Human

Occupation: Bartender/Brew master

Affiliation: none

Home Village/Ocean: Aruko Island (named after the Drunken Monks that inhabit it.)

Appearance: Standing just under 5'6 Bumba-Jack is by no means a tall man, but he makes up for it with his broad frame, wide shoulders and thick legs that where passed down to him from his father's family. Bumba's dark red hair is dreaded into tight lochs, and usually kept tied up in a messy ponytail. His face has sharp wide features with a strong jawline, though this strong jaw is hidden under his shaggy red beard. When it comes to cloths Bumba usually sports a series of red and blue robes that cover all his various jars and trinkets. When he isn't sporting the Aruko robes he usually just sports a pair of shorts and nothing else.

History: A pirate orphan, abandoned on a random island, life started out pretty hopeless for Bumba-Jack. Taken into a tavern by a compassionate old woman he was tossed from one caretaker to another until he was about 2. When one day an Akuro monk pushed open the tavern doors, on his back hung 2 large kegs full of the monastery's sacred liquor. The stumbling infant made his way up to the monk just as he sat the kegs down on the ground, drawn to the dark wooden kegs the youthful Bumba embraced one of them in a hug before trying to find a way inside. After discovering the young lad was an orphan claimed by no one the Monk decided the boy could live his life with the drunken monks; and it was so. Bumba-Jack grew into a fine man alongside the Monks, absorbing their wisdom and absorbing their divine liquor. For 23 years Bumba lived in the temple of the drunken monks, but eventually the urge and curiosity for the outside world became too much for the young man. Having learned all he could from the monks he bowed to his adopted family, took a shot of sweet wine and wished them a good life
Bumba-Jack left his home island on a small row boat with 3 kegs of divine liquor, a mind open to the world and a desire to spread his elixir of life. The young man has since been missing for 3 years, no word of his where-abouts will be found on any island; he is either lost at sea, dead, or traveling under an alias.

Personality: Truly a down to earth soul, Bumba-Jack loves to listen and loves to laugh. With a true bartender's attitude Bumba takes pride in listening to those he serves alcohol to and has become a master of reading people. Talking only when necessary Bumba-Jack prefers to watch and absorb his surroundings, finding the joy in every situation Bumba lives his life the happiest way he can. Despite his naturally happy temperment, when he is drunk he attitude is like a coin; he's either the jolly bartender making everyone laugh or he's a grumpy drunk who floats around mindlessly.

Ship: Small row boat.

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities: Drunken Palm style; the Aruko Monk's signature martial art. The style is based on the lucidity of the drunken body. The fighting style can't be read since all movements are organic and unique from each user. As the alcohol flows in the body the mind can flow out, allowing one's self to fight as natural as earth below and heavens above. The obvious downside to this style is that every person has their limit when it comes to the brew, for the Aruko Monks of the Drunken palm style their limit may be much more than normal people, but when it hits it comes all at once. Monks have been known to pass out in the middle of intense fights, having simply consumed too much of their own product.

Learned Techniques:
Intoxicating fist- Bumba-Jacks favorite move, this attack is fast and accurate, to the back of the neck or the forehead. The punch causes the victim to feel drunk, the more accurate the punch is the more intoxicated one will feel.
Flowing Form- Akuro Defensive form, this form is the embodiment of the drunken style and makes one's body flow like the alcohol it consumes. When using this form all physical attacks coming in will meet the fluid defense of this style, damage will flow off of the user, the defender can simply flow around the attacks. This form is mindless, leaving the body and letting it do whats natural is the only way to master it.
Poison Fire Form- This form is named after the negative side of the alcohol used to full it. This style can only achieved after allowing ones body to consume much more than it can handle, unleashing a caged beast. Normally the Drunken Palm style is peaceful and fluid, but the Poison Fire Form is raw and aggressive, releasing all the fury that's built up in a body. A form of raw anger and aggression it's been long banned to be practiced by the Aruko, but is permitted in times of crises. The downsides of the form include the toll it takes on the body, leaving it in sore condition for several days after use and often times ripping muscles. Another weakness is when the form is used for an extended period of time all distinguishing between opponents and friends blurs together, leaving allies vulnerable to attack.

Weapons/Items: A 50 gallon wood keg bound in a harness and leather straps, filled with the Aruko Monk's divine liquor. Bumba-Jack mounts the keg on his back and will keep his precious brew close at hand from sunrise until he goes to sleep. Along with the harnessed keg he has 2 other kegs in his possession, used for consumption while the other is aging.
Numerous ceramic jars and jugs filled with different liquors and extracts. As a seasoned bar tender Bumba prides himself on being able to making anything that's desired.

Goals: Bumba-Jack has only one goal and only one passion in life, the production and distribution of alcohol; brewing and bartending is a lifestyle for Bumba-Jack.

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